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Lavender or Lavandula are native of dry, sunny, exposed, rocky habitats from the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean and N E Africa to S W Asia and India. Lavender plants are suitable for a large variety of planting situations from shrub borders to rock gardens and are excellent as hedging plants or for edging borders. Lavenders are fully hardy or half hardy, and it is recommended that in frost prone locations the half hardy lavender varieties are grown at the base of a warm, sunny wall, or in a container that can be over wintered in a green house. 


Ideally grow lavender plants in a moderately fertile, well drained soil in full sun.


In the UK, seeds are sown in cold frames in the spring or cuttings are taken in summertime. The main growing season is April to September. These lavender plants will mature to provide young plants suitable for 9cm pots in spring the following year.  More mature plants are best pruned in Autumn or Spring and will require little water through the dormant winter period. After 18 months our lavender plants are repotted into larger 2 litre containers.


We supply plants all year round. During the winter months you will receive more mature plants in a pruned, dormant state that are ideally planted out in a protected position or once the risk of frost has subsided, and may be kept in a cool greenhouse, conservatory, window box or sheltered spot outdoors.


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